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Debbi Burch
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Discreet and Helpful Anger Therapy Sessions for Wiltshire Clients

Many people seeking therapy for anger-related difficulties are those who express anger in a variety of ways beyond the usual frustrations and irritability that can be expressed and felt by us all at times. Others that are seeking help in regards to anger might be struggling with not expressing anger clearly enough, allowing themselves to be bullied.

Therefore, some struggles in response to feelings of anger can therefore extend to aggressive and violent behaviour or shrinking away and not setting clear boundaries with others. Many of my other clients are facing a form of life crisis, which may have been caused by the difficulties in defining themselves, either at home or in the wider society, or their angry outbursts. 

If you are having trouble controlling your anger and believe it may be harming either yourself physically or emotionally or other people, I can offer support in delving deeper through my anger therapy sessions so that you can understand and accept the deeper feelings under your anger or fear and find a voice that can be heard.

Wiltshire Anger Therapy

I offer confidential therapy sessions for clients across Wiltshire. In addition I run regular Working with Anger weekends. 

Anger Therapy in Wiltshire

What Are Anger Management Problems?

While from time to time we all experience feelings of anger or frustration as a natural human response to difficult situations, anger can become a problem that benefits from therapeutic support if it harms people around you or yourself. 

Some detrimental problems associated with anger don't always relate to physical acts of aggression, as anger turned inward can also cause negative thoughts, criticalness and resentment along with passive aggressive behaviour. Living with unresolved anger, however it's expressed, can affect your overall physical and mental health.

Your relationships at work and at home can be affected by unresolved anger. Therapy can help you see things that you can't see about how you're thinking, feeling and behaving. You can then understand the underlying issues, identify and feel hidden emotions and help organise new ways of behaving. Thinking, feeling and responding are all behavioural habits, so of course being angry for a long time can leave you with habits that are difficult to recognise, let alone change. Therapy can help you recognise and make these changes, leaving you with more compassion for your previously-denied experience and more choice of response once you've learned to notice and allow sensations of frustration, hurt, injustice, sadness, fear and other feelings as they arise.

If you're based in Wiltshire, contact me today to discuss your anger therapy options.