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Debbi Burch
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I have been moved and inspired by the following testimonials, which may help you get a sense of how I work.

(all shared with permission) 

Deb is a brilliant, kind, insightful, caring and genuine therapist. 

Working with her was a wonderful opportunity to recognise the validity of my emotional experience and to express my truth. Part of the work involved bringing awareness into my body, somatically opening my heart, integrating the shadow side that my ego judged and denied, and seeing through the false story that I am not enough in some way. 

One of Deb’s impressive skills is bringing to light the conditioned programs that were created and falsely taken up as a child and the ways in which they may be playing out in your life today. She creates a safe space and framework to explore, reflect, understand and let go of illusions, so that you can surrender to the truth of your wholeness, which is ultimately liberating. 

Life is a journey and I believe it’s a gift and a privilege to share part of this journey with Deb.


I really cannot recommend Deb highly enough.

She brought real empathy, insight and guidance to me at a very tricky time in my life, where my life and my sense of self felt like it was crumbling around me.

She helped me understand how I was feeling - and why. I learned how to hold myself and my boundaries, guide my thought processes, and interact with situations as they arose, staying true to myself and what I feel is best for me as well as others.

She was also really easy to talk to and be around. She gave a lot of energy to our sessions and I really felt that time with her was an excellent investment in my wellbeing, mental state and emotional capacities. Thank you Deb, and to anyone looking into working with Deb: go for it! I feel like my life is transformed.


It’s hard to find somebody that you can respect for their wisdom and intelligence and who have such a passion for what they do. You have helped me greatly to explore sides of me that I had ignored and reconnect with myself. I’ll never forget our sessions and I’ll always come back to you in times of struggle.

I’m so grateful that I have met you.


I went to therapy to get support through a crisis which was extreme, shocking and ongoing. I had also suffered depression in the past and couldn’t seem to kick that either. Debbi is very intuitive, empathic, boundaried, non-judgemental and kind, she always took me seriously, listened and saw my strengths, even when I could not.

Over time, I began to set stronger boundaries for myself, take more risks, trust my own decisions more and take my own happiness seriously. I even came off of anti -depressants, which felt like a miracle.

I learnt so much about myself. I realised that I am really powerful, creative and intelligent. I can say no and I have the tools to get through just about anything. Even though I cannot control what life throws at me or the happiness of others, I can make choices that support me and I am in control of what I choose to concentrate on. I now concentrate on what is going well rather than what I can’t control or hurts of the past.

Since I have finished therapy I have a renewed sense of freedom and my happiness levels are so much better. Life is much more peaceful and I feel good.

I would recommend Debbie wholeheartedly!


I cannot express just how transformative our session was today and how much lighter I feel, thank you.  You endlessly inspire me, Deb and you teach me how to be me with every meeting we have. I hope I go some way to emulating you as a therapist because I couldn’t think of a better human being to have had as a model, for that I am eternally grateful.


The time in your room has shaped and steered me so much, and often in new ways that crop up and become clear, that I hadn't realised at the time.


The title had me – Food, Hunger, Longing and the Body – I needed to do this because I always seem to be struggling with myself were food is concerned.

I keep reacting to the same old patterns. This weekend showed me how to feel what I was working so hard to avoid. It all made so much sense.

The support from the whole group of women was so effortlessly unconditional. Everyone there seemed to be at the same point and ready to be open, honest and vulnerable.

Deb and Rachel ran the group so beautifully. Welcomed us and made everyone feel really heard. They held the space with deep compassion and huge skill. They showed insightfulness and knew when to be firm to keep us in the feelings rather than the stories.

We covered so much in the two days. It was exhausting but exhilarating. We all want to gather again for another weekend in 6 months.


I wanted to thank you, what an awesome weekend you facilitated.  Sheesh Deb you are a brilliant therapist….. What a load off (so to speak) and a great group of women.  
Thank you both for your wonderful ‘learnings’ and for holding a safe, compassionate space for transformation. I loved it!

Thank you so much. 


Yesterday's session was such a weight of my whole mind and body. I now for the first time can FEEL sadness, which then can bring on tears, because I now know to not to reject those memories, they are helping me heal.

I feel as if I am light as a feather at the moment.
Bless you Debbi and thank you so  much.


I first came to see Debbi when my life was in a bit of a mess, both personally and professionally.  I was in a dangerous relationship and a job that was also causing me a great deal of harm, although I wasn’t aware that either of these things were the reason for my unhappiness.  Debbi patiently and gently helped me realise that I needed to look beyond my circumstances and into myself to find a deeper level of understanding.

She helped me identify what I really needed and wanted in order to find happiness.   I am now in loving relationship and enjoying my work in a more meaningful way.  Of course all of this took time and was sometimes extremely painful, but I always felt supported and properly listened to.  I still check in with Debbi from time to time to help me with new and ongoing issues.   She has, quite literally, changed my life and I will be forever grateful to her.


Debbi is so easy to talk to. She accepts who you are without judgement. She has helped me come to terms with my wife's death; to understand how it has changed me, to know the anger and hurt, and to know that it's OK. She has let me get on with life and be happy again.


I started seeing Debbi for help in July 2019. Although I consider myself to have a good level of awareness, I had been finding it challenging to manage my emotions.  Hormonal imbalances combined with some difficulties in different aspects of my life meant I was experiencing anxiety on a daily basis, and a lot of fear. I just felt overwhelmed with so much happening at the same time.

With Debbi’s support I was able to peel back my thought patterns and get to the root of why I was thinking and feeling the way that I was. It was a revelatory experience and although sometimes tough, I’m grateful for the shift from feeling like a victim of my circumstances to feeling empowered and having choices about what I do or don’t think and what I do or choose not to do. 

Debbi offers compassion, empathy and encouragement with accountability. Six months on, I feel happy and balanced, ready to continue the rest of my life’s journey on my own. Thank you Debbi for being in my corner and helping me move forward to fulfil my potential.


I came to see Deb because I’d had an angry outburst which resulted in me being physically violent. Our first session was quite something. We clicked immediately and I felt that she saw things in me that I’d been trying to decipher for years.

Deb taught me a lot about refocusing on my body and feeling emotion rather than intellectualising everything so I could break the cycle which starts by me feeling shocked by a perceived aggression, then crumbling, rebuilding with rage and exploding. I could see I felt angry because I felt disrespected, which really meant I didn’t feel seen, so I got angry to feel seen and then I felt unworthy and more sensitive to perceived aggression.

I am incredibly grateful for the work we have done together. I am proud of having done it and feel much better already. I have learnt some valuable tools for coping with my emotions.


I just wanted to say how much I gained from your July workshop on Food and Longing. I continue to practise what I learnt and life is slowly changing for the better. The main difference now is that I am enjoying the journey. Thanks again for a great course and for all the insight this has given me.


We came to Deb at a time of real crisis in our relationship, at a point where we had become completely disconnected and I at least wasn’t sure our marriage was going to survive.  With Deb's help and a lot of hard work from us we explored the root of various negative patterns in our relationship and are now moving forward again with a greater understanding of ourselves and appreciation of each other.  My husband was initially very resistant to attending counselling but Deb’s straight talking but inquisitive approach meant he ultimately really enjoyed the process which has helped him become much more in touch with his emotions and why he reacts in certain ways.  This has radically changed the dynamic between us for the better. I think every couple should do this to strengthen their relationship even if they’re not in crisis! It has had a profound effect on both of us for which we are deeply grateful.


The weekend left me and my partner feeling liberated, forgiven and with enormous clarity on the experience of anger. It was nerve-racking at first to speak about the feelings of being stuck, angry, boiling inside, and to share the negative patterns we've experienced because of this feeling with others.

But over two days we learned to get to know 'anger' and its physical manifestation and to recognise it as a valid and important kind of energy. Debbi is masterful at identifying hidden needs and personal barriers in the group and she created a really embracing space, free from shame and fear, where we could listen and share and support one another.

I found myself expressing deep inner fears with confidence and without guardedness or defensiveness and it was so cleansing. You really helped me/us. Thank you so much.