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Debbi Burch
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Date: Mon 22nd February 2016

I am often very moved by clients’ telling of their journeys with all the associated joy and pain. I am also often amazed by the unerring direction these journeys take to return us to where we started and bring us back to our beautiful broken hearts which we then realize have only been broken open.The following is one such moving example. Name...

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Date: Sat 16th May 2015

The human brain can learn to re-fire, re-wire and re-inspire. This is truly exciting – growth is possible, essential, inevitable and down to us.We are not stuck, and we are in this together. We choose and the brain follows.What is spoken less of is the plasticity of the brain we are living inside.So this is a story about time re-wiring itself...

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Date: Mon 12th September 2016

Yesterday my husband went away for a week. When I got into bed last night I was struck by the space beside me where he usually sleeps.I might have said I was lonely, but if I had simply decided I was lonely and listened to the stories in my head about who and how much I was missing, I would certainly have felt more lonely.Instead I explored further...

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Date: Wed 19th August 2015

 1. Your anger is not wrongThe feeling of anger, jealousy or frustration cannot be wrong – it’s an experience you’re having in your body. Your behaviour may be problematic, but it’s important to not judge the experience, however much you might want your behaviour to be different. Some people project their anger outwards...

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Date: Sun 3rd April 2016

In my work with clients, I’m passionate about the flow of life energy and how we humans learn to resist this life force in us.I am endlessly in awe at how the meeting of resisted energy by a clear awareness in an openhearted, present body can wake us up to being here fully and bring us back to life. By reconnecting to the physical ground of o...

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