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Debbi Burch
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Anger Therapy Sessions Across Marlborough

Many people seeking treatment and therapy for anger management are those who experience physical expressions of anger that stretch beyond the usual irritability and frustrations that can be felt by all of us at times. 

Responding to feelings of anger can sometimes extend to violent and aggressive behaviour. Many of my anger therapy clients are facing a form of life crisis, which has been caused by the impact of their angry outbursts, either in a wider society or at home. 

If you are having trouble controlling your anger and believe it may be harming other people emotionally or physically, I can offer specialist support and a co-ordinated anger therapy programme to help you manage the emotional and physical symptoms of anger problems.

At Debbi Burch Therapy, I offer discreet and personalised anger therapy sessions for clients across Marlborough and the surrounding region. In addition, I also run a fortnightly women's group and Working with Anger weekends. 

What Are Anger Management Problems?

While we all experience feelings of frustration or anger from time to time as a natural human response to situations, such as a personal attack on our character, feelings or being treated unfairly or an extreme disagreement of another person's opinion, anger can become a problem that may require support and treatment if it harms you or people around you.

Some detrimental problems associated with anger needn't only relate to physical acts of aggression, as inward negative thoughts of anger and non-violent or passive aggressive acts associated with anger can affect your overall mental and physical health.

In fact, your relationships at work and at home can be ultimately affected by both physical and verbal expressions of anger, with how you behave when you are angry dependent on your ability to control and observe increased feelings of frustration and anger when they arise.

My Marlborough Anger Therapy Treatments

Many feelings of anger can be related to a variety of different underlying difficulties. That is exactly why every case requires careful assessment and evaluation. These underlying mental health difficulties need to be diagnosed and treated, while interpersonal difficulties may well need to be addressed, along with substance or alcohol misuse being tackled.

Everyone's situation is completely different, which is why I ensure that everyone has a unique anger treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. 

The type and length of your anger therapy programme will depend on your individual circumstances and the severity of your anger issues. Some patients are treated as outpatients, where you would take part in hourly therapy sessions, perhaps once a week. You might also require a more structured treatment approach, which could include taking part in anger management classes.

Get in touch with me today if you'd like to discuss the Marlborough anger therapy options available to you or receive a discreet initial phone consultation.