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Debbi Burch
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Supportive and Helpful Somatic Therapy for Clients in Berkshire

One of my main areas of expertise and training is in Formative Psychology, which concerns itself with how patterns become embodied or somatised.

Working alongside my Berkshire clients, mine and my patients' jobs are to together bring awareness of how these patterns are somatised or embodied in the body - whether that's a rigidity, a collapse, a density or a dissociation. Working closely together, we will also look at how to bring awareness to them so that they can be effectively reorganised.

I provide a comfortable, welcoming and neutral environment for individuals from across Berkshire to explore their feelings and communicate more effectively, so call me today on 07957 111693 for a discreet initial consultation. 

Somatic therapy Berkshire
Therapy session in Berkshire

Specialist somatic therapy across Berkshire

According to a variety of studies carried out by somatic psychologists, our bodies often hold on to past traumas which are then reflected in our body language, posture and expressions. In many situations, past traumas may manifest physical symptoms like depression, digestive issues, immune system dysfunction, hormonal balances, anxiety, pain, addition, digestive issues and other medical issues. 

I've successfully worked with hundreds of clients from across Berkshire, helping them to reflect and transform past or current experiences and create a greater sense of oneself and confidence. 

What do my somatic therapy sessions look at?

The main goal of my somatic therapy sessions it the release and recognition of a lot of physical tension that can often remain in the body after a traumatic event in your life.

Some of the time, it can be difficult to spot somatic patterns at first, simply because the issue might seem too intensely about food, work, money, time, intimacy or other people etc.   

However, if you feel like a victim and then collapse to avoid the pain of feeling powerless, you are actually creating even more powerless and in turn behaving and feeling more like a victim.

Sometimes you can also feel pushed into being responsible for things that you can't control and you then tighten your body to avoid the pain of feeling unsupported. This creates even more internal pressure, which leads to feeling even more responsible. 

Depending on the form of somatic therapy provided, sessions may include;

  • Breathing techniques
  • Awareness of bodily sensations
  • Physical exercise
  • Voice work
  • Movement
  • Dance
  • Healing touch

Somatic therapy offers a number of benefits

Looking to reframe and transform current or past negative experiences, somatic therapy offers a variety of advantages and benefits. This includes:

  • Reduced discomfort
  • Greater confidence
  • Hope
  • Resilience
  • Greater sense of oneself
  • Reduced mental and physical strain
  • Less stress
  • A heightened ability to concentrate

Get in touch with me today if you'd like to discuss the Berkshire somatic therapy options available to you or receive a discreet initial phone consultation.